Our Breweries

We are a diverse collection of brewers. Our breweries reflect this diversity along with the many techniques, capacity, and styles available to the home brewer.

Dave H has a custom brew room and digital controls.

Larry’s brewery is a 5 gallon 220v system.  On the left from left to right: 10g Mash tun, 7g hot liquor tank, and kettle.  All made by SS. On the right is a 7g insulated conical fermenter, with a Peltier cooler and heat wrap. He uses 2 pumps to move liquid between tanks.

Mill, grain storage, etc. are all off-frame to the left. Above the kettle is a 900 CFM hood for managing steam, venting out a window.

 Kevin H had a 120 sq. ft. dedicated room built for brewing. The unit was made in Ohio by Sabco (https://brewmagic.com/ ).

The tank on the far right is the hot liquor tank, the center tank is the Mash Tun and on the far left is the Boil pot all running on propane. Capacity:I 5 to 10 gallons at a time full grain.

Right: Kevin’s fermentation tanks

Left: Ray’s brewery is an all-in-one system from Brewer’s Edge. This 110 volt, 5 gallon system is pictured brewing in the back yard. Note recent upgrade to Ss Brewtech stainless fermenter.

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